My Adventures with Free Antivirus

So everyone knows that you need antivirus on your computer otherwise you will get viruses and worms and identity theft etc.  Well I was searching google for a free antivirus download and found a website where I can download a free antivirus.  I was thinking what is the best antivirus I should download, there are so many!  I thought hmm maybe AVG because I heard of that before because we use it at work then I thought hmm maybe Norton because my friend says its the best one.  I decided though to test one i never heard of before which was Avast! So I download avast on my computer and omg it sucks.  In fact I purposely had my friend send me a virus to my email and it didnt even detect it!  I would recommend people NOT to download Avast! even if it is free because well I think free = a bit inferior.  I tried another antivirus after that and I decided maybe I should try AVG because like I said we use it at work.  I downloaded avg and installed it and it detected the virus my friend sent me, BUT I was getting all sorts of pop ups to “buy the full version”.  I tried to uninstalled it and it was almost impossible.  I got my roommate who is a total computer geek to figure it out and I asked him while he was doing what a good antivirus was and he said that antivirus is only for stupid people who dont know anything about computers and i was like thanks…  Anyways I guess I don’t really want to PAY for a antivirus and all the free ones suck so guess what I am not installing a antivirus!  take that virus people!

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